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Working with charities to make the world a kinder place

At the core of our values is a steadfast dedication to promoting animal welfare and environmental preservation. In line with this commitment, we contribute 3% of our revenue from sales of our vegan body lotions and ethical beauty products to a carefully selected animal welfare charity. This organisation is deeply committed to eradicating animal cruelty and offers a safe haven for rescued animals. We firmly believe that every living being deserves the opportunity to lead a joyful and unburdened life, making this charity especially significant to us, our chosen charity is FOUR PAWS.

Together, let us strive to alleviate the suffering of all creatures and forge a brighter future for generations to come.





 Why are natural products better?

 Reduced Chemical Exposure

Natural beauty products have no synthetic chemicals compared to conventional beauty products. If you are concerned about the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to certain chemicals commonly found in cosmetics, our natural vegan body lotions and bathroom products are perfect for you.


 Environmental Considerations:

Natural beauty products are more environmentally friendly since they use sustainably sourced ingredients and avoid harsh manufacturing processes that can have adverse effects on the environment.


 Gentle Formulations

Natural beauty products are gentler on the skin, especially those with sensitive skin or certain skin conditions. With our bathroom products and vegan body lotions, the absence of certain chemicals or the use of mild, plant-based ingredients provides a more soothing experience overall.


 Ingredient Transparency

People appreciate knowing exactly what they are applying to their skin. Natural products contain recognisable ingredients such as plant extracts, essential oils, and minerals, which makes it a lot easier to feel assured and content using the product, knowing that the ingredients are all familiar.

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Working with Hel-Lena's Light Witchcraft Supplies

Hel-Lena's Light is the place to come for witchcraft supplies, including aromatherapy items, herbs, gemstones, jewellery, bowls and candles. All our items are created mindfully, with a passion for quality craft and materials.

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Bringing kindness and love to your beauty

We want to make ethically sustainable beauty products, and lead the way in creating kindness and mindfulness in the industry. At Hel-Lena's Beauty, we are passionate about bringing you a collection of indulgent and rejuvenating products that promote self-care and enhance your natural beauty. Our carefully crafted range includes bath bombs, bath potions, body lotions, facial creams, and body wash, all designed to provide a luxurious and pampering experience.

If you are looking for ethical beauty products, have a browse through our online store and place your order today.

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