If you have ever taken a look at all of 
the bath and body products at your local 
drugstore, then you've probably seen a lot 
that contain oatmeal. 
That's because it's considered to be nature's 

But before you go rubbing some of the 
quick-cooking oats that you probably have 
in your pantry all over your body, you should
know they are different than what we're talking 

Colloidal oatmeal is what the Food and Drug 
Administration (FDA) approves as a natural way 
to treat dry skin, Especially if you have eczema, which is an extreme, medically diagnosed form of dry skin. 

So if your skin needs a little moisturizing, then 
keep reading to learn about ways to use colloidal 
oatmeal as part of your natural skincare routine!
If you decide to use freshly ground, colloidal 
oatmeal, then here's an idea to use it as an 
all-over body scrub. 

Just mix some up with locally-sourced, organic honey, 
add some water and then apply it to your clean skin, 
focusing on areas that are extremely dry such as your 
elbows and knees. Massage it in for about a minute, 
and then rinse off with warm water and pat dry. 

You can use it on your face, too. Apply the same 
mixture to your freshly-cleansed skin, massaging 
it for about a minute and then rinse off. 

If the bottom of your feet, especially your soles, 
often get dry then this is a great way to soften them 
up. Simply use the same mixture while holding it over 
a foot bath. 

You can also prepare some ahead of time and put it in a jar, then leave it on your skin. Simply use it as a hand scrub every time you wash up. 

Soap and water can actually dry out your skin, so use it as often as possible. 

Another of my favourite is an Oat bath 
Simply add a few spoonful of oats to a Muslin cloth and tie, place in lukewarm bath water and enjoy
If you don't have a muslin cloth to hand simply use an old sock or a pair of tights.  

These are just a few ways to use all-natural, colloidal oatmeal as part of your skincare routine.